Handset Unlocking

We offer a full phone unlocking service for IOS / Android / and Windows based handsets

99% of Handsets Unlocked
Fast unlocking for most handsets


To unlock your handset

we will need your IMEI number

(International Mobile Equipment Identity)

The easiest way to find this is to go to your call dialing screen and

type *#06#

The handset will then provide a

number sequence on the screen.

This is the personal number for this handset and used to unlock the device to all UK and international networks

Once you have submitted the IMEI and made payment, all you have to do then is wait for the handset to be unlocked.

Most unlocks are carrier cleared

within 1-24 hours some even faster

All Apple carrier unlocks will take longer

5-10 days is the standard time.

We always contact you as soon as the unlocked has been verified on our system

Simple steps to Unlock

There are two ways to get

your handset unlocked.

You can either contact us

via phone or text, or you can

fill out the form below and

we will phone you back

to confirm details and the fastest

way to get the handset unlocked.

With 70% of handsets we provide

instant unlcocks, as long as

we have access to the handset.

This makes unlocking easier

and much quicker for you the customer

You can either contact us direct by calling our office 01722556250 or mobile on 07958170895 for a quote

Or you can fill out the form below with your details and we will contact you within *24 hours


*Excludes weekends and holidays


01722 556250


07958 170895

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