Computer Repairs


We offer a full comprehensive Laptop, Desktop, and Mac repair service which includes:

Virus and Malware Removal - If your computer is running slow and generally being a pain

Data Recovery - Your PC may have stopped working, but we can normally recover the data from the hardrive
Popup Removal - When you use your computer and there are windows opening with adverts and unwanted information
Non Booting Computer - The computer is not switching on, has no power or lights, showing no signs of life
No Screen Display - The computer switches on, but you don't see a screen when it's on, just a black image
Antivirus Installation - To stop viruses, malware, Trojans, spyware and other unwanted intrusions infecting your compute

Operating System Re-installation - Upgrade from the old unsupported XP or Vista, or downgrade from Windows 8 and 10 
Upgrades - Installation of new larger Hardrive, more ram, newer motherboard or better Graphics card
Screen Repairs - If you have smashed or cracked the screen display and it needs replacing
Keyboard repairs - Some keys are not working or the keyboard is just not doing as it should
Charger port Repairs - If your computer is not charging or the socket that charges the computer is damaged or loose 
Network Repairs - If you are having trouble getting onto the internet or the internet is intermittent
WIFI Card Upgrades - Still have a G rated card and want to upgrade to a new N+card for faster and wider coverage 
Driver Issues - Your computer does not recognise the WIFI card, lagging display, no sound when playing music etc...



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