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Our technology is jam-packed full of tiny microchips that control everything from the brightness of your phone screen to connecting to your WIFI network at home. We take this for granted most of the time and when it's working as it should, it a wonder to behold, however,

when it goes wrong it can be very frustrating. 

There are many reasons for chip failures, from your phone or Tablet being dropped either on the floor or worse into a liquid and damaged, a power surge at home while a device is charging, or even from a poor repair carried out by an unqualified repair person using the

wrong tools or just being careless while carrying out the repair.

We see various issues come to us where one or more chips have been damaged and are in need of a professional repair, the most common usually found phones as they are used on a daily basis and take the most punishment by the user.


The most common issues are as follows:

Backlight Filter Damage - This is where the screen on your Phone or tablet is very dark and barely visible. This issue can be caused by a faulty charger, a faulty or cheap screen fitted by someone who has caused the chip to be damaged when they were removing an existing screen or fitting a new screen while the phone is still powered up (hot swapping) causing the LCD connector to touch the wrong connection point on the logic board and  cause a short circuit, or from the phone being dropped while it is on/off which causes the chip to become damaged and fail.

Touch IC Damage - This is damage caused to a chip that controls the digitiser (Touchscreen) on your phone. This is a huge issue with the iPhone 6 and more so the 6 Plus and is so common now it's been dubbed "Touch IC Disease" and is plaguing iPhone users across the world.
The symptoms of the problem are intermittent or no touch on your screen, or the screen freezing when trying to type or open apps, and a grey flickering bar at the top of the screen. This will start off as an occasional issue and get progressively worse as time goes on until the touch screen function will completely fail. 

Charger IC Damage - This is damage to the chip that controls charging of your device, and is common when a fake charger has been used for a prolonged time to charge the device causing the chip to become burnt out and fail to work,
It's a common issue with the 5 series iPhone's and is commonly thought a battery change will solve the issue, this will not. The device will drain very quickly, and switch off at random times, often rebooting on its own with a completely random battery percentage level showing.
The longer the chip is unfixed the more damage it does to other components in the device and will eventually kill a chip called the PMIC (power management chip) which can end up not being repairable.

Power Management IC - This chip controls the power distribution from the battery into the device and is very important. If this chip fails or starts to fail it can cause havoc for the device, from random boot-looping, no power at all,
random battery level, quick draining of the battery, reverse charging, which drains the battery while you think it's charging, too much charge being fed to the LCD causing lines etc, plus a whole host of other issues, even causing the NAND (memory chip) to fail, which proves fatal

and also risks losing valuable data forever as the phone is very unlikely to be repairable at this point.

Liquid Damage - This is a very common issue and is caused by your device being submerged in liquid, causing the phones electrics to short and burn out live components. This is the most damaging to the chips and the hardest to repair as the damage is normally extensive and the extent of the damage is generally not just contained on the surface of the chips, which can cause irreparable damage to the logic board through burnt out circuit tracks and more. For more info on our water damage repair service, please head over to here. Water Damage Repair Service

We provide a comprehensive repair service for all of these issues, but they take a little longer than our usual services at around 5-7 working days. The reason this takes a little longer is due to the amount of work that goes into a repair of this nature and the diagnosis process. We need to find the issue, make sure it's the only thing that's causing the problem in the device, then replace the parts, test over a 24-48 hour period, then rebuild the device while carrying out multiple tests on all the other components in the device, speakers, cameras, touch screen, battery etc...

We carry out this repair properly, by replacing the chip or chips with new ones, and then providing a full test session to make sure the problem is not going to come back the second it is returned to the customer. We do not use wire jumpers like some repair centres, as this is not a permanent repair, it's just a quick fix and can end up causing other issues in the device, after all there is a chip there for a reason, so bypassing it is going to put excessive load on another component and this will eventually fail instead. 

We also provide a micro soldering service for various other device connectors and components including:



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