Console Repairs


Gaming consoles have become a big part of our entertainment lifestyles, which means they are in pretty much every household around the world.

These machines are on and running more than most other technology, often being used for days at a time without being switched off, and as a consequence they are also likely to develop faults. 

We are here to help with getting your console back up and running as quickly as possible, by offering many different services, most of which can be solved within a short time, meaning less downtime for you the gamer.


We repair most console issues from all the main manufacturers including Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo and other less know companies.

Some of the services we provide are:

Not Reading Discs

  • The console is not reading some or all of your games, or taking ages to load up a game.

HDMI Port Repair

  • The HDMI port has been damaged because the cable has been inserted or removed incorrectly, 

       causing the pins to bend or break off completely 

Jammed Disc Drive

  • The drive will not open or close properly, this is most common on Toshiba / Samsung drives.

Not turning On

  • The console will not turn on at all, no power, no display no lights, nothing!

No WiFi or Ethernet

  • The console will not connect to Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo Online, or other Internet based services

Not Syncing With Controller

  • The  console will not sync up with your wireless controller, you have tried the controller with another console and know the controller works.

On screen Error Code

  • The console is showing an error code on the TV after a failed update or by simply switching it on it does not load up correctly. 


No Error Code

  • There is no error code on your console, but it not responding in the normal manner.


Full Console Servicing 

If your console is getting hot and switches off, it may be in need of a service.
If you do not keep your console serviced, it can be more likely to overheat causing irreparable damage to the GPU ( Graphics Processor)

or the CPU (Central Processor) and other vital components in the machine.

If this happens then the console will most likely fail completely and will only be good for the scrap heap. 

To avoid this from happening, book it in for a service with us.

We carry out the following:

  • Full Strip Down of the Console

  • Remove the Heat-sink and apply new high quality silver Thermal compound cooling paste. (Arctic Silver 5)

  • Remove the Fan and clean out any dust buildup add a new non conductive oil layer, making sure its fully clean and runs freely and quietly.

  • Completely clean the inside of the console casing of any dust, fluff and debris buildup.

  • Fully clean the console Motherboard with an anti static solution of any dust, fluff and debris buildup

  • Full rebuild of the console leaving it looking like new and running as cool and quietly as the day it was purchased.

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