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There are many repair shops in and around Salisbury, some of them will offer a screen repair at a very low price, this may be a very tempting thought as some screen repairs can be very expensive, however, the reason they are so cheap is because they are offering to fit substandard parts into your device, and this can have devastating consequences, from a very short lifespan of the part, and in a worse case scenario, a complete malfunction of the device, sometimes being fatal.

For instance, a typical original iPhone 6 screen/LCD will be at least £50 to purchase by a repair outlet, not including fitting fees. The reason for this, is the high quality of the build of the screen, using a cold glue press to adhere the screen to the frame, extensive testing of the screen functionality, high quality connectors that fit and click properly into place when fitted, and how the frame fits exactly around the rear casing, leaving a high quality look and feel when the screen is screwed into place.

A cheap Chinese copy screen will not posses this level of build quality and will suffer from the following issues:

Poor quality screen (glass) which will break very easily, an LCD that is not as bright as and original, and the frame is hot glued to the screen, as a result the frame will pull away from the screen if the phone gets too hot or the phone is bent in anyway, leaving the LCD exposed to dust and liquid. The plastic frame is a poor copy of the original and will not fit very well,  normally leaving small gaps around the  frames edge, the colour will not be an exact match of the home button either, this is especially visible on the white screens.

There are also many additional small differences, for instance, the camera lens circle in the screen will not be shielded, so excessive light will pass through when taking pictures, this makes pictures look washed out and too exposed. The proximity sensor ring is missing, which causes the screen to not switch off/go dark when its next to your ear,  meaning your ear will touch the screen and activate keys, which

can be extremely annoying when on an important call.

There are many factors to consider when you have your screen replaced, even down to who carries out the repair. If your local repair outlet/shop etc... will sacrifice their level of quality over price on their screens and other parts, what else will they sacrifice when fitting these parts, maybe important screws? EMI shields? Your Touch ID sensor? (Finger print unlocking)
Just because you may be able to get a cheap screen replacement, is it really that cheap when you may need the screen changed again a few weeks later, the touch doesn't work correctly when typing and using apps, or that someone has caused other damage in the device?... We only supply original/OEM parts, and our virtually 0% return rate shows that saving a few £££ is not always the cheapest option.  

We will only ever fit original quality parts from our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers, and you can be sure of a great repair that is also covered with our 3 month non accidental damage warranty, on the very unlikely event there is an issue.


If your phone has been dropped in the bath, taken a swim with you, or ended up in the dreaded toilet, please checkout our comprehensive Liquid Damage Repair Service.
With a wealth of knowledge of logic board repair, and the correct professional cleaning equipment, we will hopefully have your

device up and running as soon as possible, even if its only to recover important data from the device on particularly damaged handsets. 

Liquid Damage

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