iPad & Tablet Repairs

A list of our most common tablet repairs

iPad 2
iPad 3rd
iPad 4th
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad Pro 12.9"
iPad Pro 9.7"
iPad 5th
iPad Pro
2nd Generation
iPad Pro
iPad 6th
iPad Mini
iPad Mini 2
iPad mini 3
iPad Mini 4
Galaxy Tab 10.1
Galaxy Tab 8.0
Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Galaxy Tab 2 8.0
Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
Galaxy Tab 4 7.0
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
Galaxy Tab S
Galaxy Tab 
Galaxy Google Nexus 

We also repair most other makes of tablets from these manufacturers and more...

Glass replacements are normally carried out within 90 minutes on most of the common iPads
All repairs are carried out using only the highest quality OEM parts. 

Many other companies and repair individuals may only use cheap Manufacturer copies from Ebay/Amazon etc...resulting in a shorter lifespan for your device and often other unwanted issues. 
We have been fitting iPad and Tablet screens for over 7 years and will only ever replace your Digitiser glass (Touch screen) with an OEM quality part, using only top quality OEM / Original parts from 1st party factory level suppliers, you can be sure of a great repair with a perfect fit and a long, error free lifespan.

​If you are unsure that your local repair shop or company uses these parts, please ask them to show you before fitting

the new screen for complete peace of mind as this can mean the difference between being a satisfied customer or one that has to keep going back time after time for them to rectify issues that arise.

The image below is of an iPad mini glass, which is the one of the most common iPad repairs we carry out, and has the most issues when a cheap copy digitiser (Touch screen) glass has been fitted, especially if it's been fitted incorrectly.












These issues range from​

  • Ghost Touching: This is when the iPad thinks the screen is being used when it isn't

  • Ghost Swiping: Similar to ghost touching, but instead the iPad will swipe through the screens without being touched

  • App Opening: This is where an APP will open on its own or will close on its own

  • Screen Juddering: This is where the screen judders and just doesn't stay still, even after a hard reset

  • Siri Keeps Opening: Where the home button connection under the screen is touching the frame and activating itself 

  • Power Button Not Responding: This is due to incorrect fitting of the IC connector and is a common problem we find when

 repair shops simply fold the cable incorrectly, causing it to pinch and get caught under the frame, this can also cause the iPad to completely shut down and not respond or even cause a short circuit to the LCD power system and damage vital components within the logic board itself, which would be an expensive repair.

If you have recently had an iPad or Tablet Glass replacement and it is showing any of these issues, we suggest you return

it to your repair company / shop / outlet, ASAP for them to rectify the issues you are experiencing.

For full peace of mind on our repairs, We always offer a full 3 months warranty on all of our part replacements.

Warranty does not include accidental damage, including cracked Glass/LCD or any other parts fitted including damaged

due to customer error. We will always advise of frame faults after fitting, and explain that this can effect the lifespan

of the screen if not taken care of. 


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