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In these times with technology all around us, it's not going to be too long before something goes wrong.

Whether it's the iPad or Phone getting dropped and the screen being smashed, the keyboard on your Laptop failing to work one day, or your favourite gaming console breaking down, they are all very frustrating and can be extremely expensive to repair by the companies that make them, in some cases £100's for a replacement screen on your beloved Tablet or Phone or Laptop.

With over 15 years experience and thousands of happy customers, Salisbury PC Doctor is here to help.

We offer extremely competitive pricing with a free local collection & delivery service with most work being

completed within 24-48hrs of collection for Windows / Mac Re-installation, Cleanups and software related repairs.

If you are looking for a phone repair, then this can be as little as 15 minutes for simple battery replacements and only 30-40 minutes for

iPhone screen, charger port, home button, repairs.

All parts used are genuine OEM quality and come with a full 3 month non accidental damage warranty for full peace of mind.

We can also fit the Samsung Galaxy S5 to S9+ also A3 and J3 / A5 and J5 screens within 90 minutes,
which means your phone is only out of action for a very short period of time in most cases, rather than a week or

more through an insurance company which also has the added risk of losing valuable data, as they tend to swap your broken phone

for a refurbished device instead or repairing it.


Even some local repair outlets will take up to a week with your device, as they may send it away to a third party company. 

Some of them do not complete their own repairs on site, and will often use the cheapest way of getting of getting it repaired,

which could include very poor workmanship, cheap copy parts, which have a high failure rate and tend to not have the same

high quality finish of the original part, and only a warranty until you leave their outlet.

Could you risk any of these things happening to your device that has cost you over £800 in some of cases? Why Risk it?

We provide a vast array of services from broken phone, tablet and laptop screens, professional water damage
repair, re-flowing of circuit chips on game consoles, laptops and phones, even micro soldering repairs.
We use the best quality parts and always fit them inline with the manufacturers parts repair guidelines,
this means you receive the best possible repair service and complete peace of mind, knowing its been fixed correctly.

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality tools for the repairs we carry out, these manufacturers are the very best in their field and include the following 

  • Hakko Corp - SMD Rework Station

  • Amscope - Ultra High Detail Microscope 

  • Crest - Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • JBC - Hot Air Rework and Micro Soldering Station

  • BST BenchPower - High Performance DC power Supply

  • Honton - Precision Heating Plates

  • Fluke - Digital Multimeter

  • Kennedy Pro - ESD Safe Pliers and Grips

  • Dumont - ESD Safe Precision Fine Tip Tweezers

  • G-Tool - Professional Standard iPhone and iPad Reshaping Clamps and Vices

  • iSesamo - The Industry Standard in High Quality Device Opening Tools

  • Chipquik - High Quality Solder Flux for Circuit Boards

​      Using these tools helps us to provide the best possible service, safely and professionally.

It's always good to ask your local repair person to clarify what tools they use to poke around inside your devices, as not all will use quality tools,

and not all will understand why these tools are so important to perform a high quality manufacturer level repair service.

It only takes an unqualified person a few seconds to completely destroy an expensive device by using incorrect or cheap tools in the wrong place. We know this happens, as we get customers regularly coming to us, asking why their phone or tablet won't work after a simple part replacement elsewhere, only for us to open it up and see damage to vital components due to repairs being carried out by people that simply don't have the knowledge and are not using the correct tools for the job.
We have invested years of learning, so we don't make the mistakes that others may do.

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